Ovih 20 kombinacija uvjerit će vas da u svoj ormar unesete dozu romantike

Nije nikakva tajna da skandinavske trendseterice već sezonama spretno nose pastelne boje i romantične haljine, a primijetili smo da ih sada nose baš svi. Posebno su popularni nježni tonovi prljavo bijele,žute, plave i koraljne koje izgledaju neodoljivo u kombinaciji s materijalima kao što su saten i svila, a tu su i predimenzionirane mini haljine koje izgledaju posebno dobro u ovim bojama.

U nastavku smo izdvojili 20 savršenih kombinacija koje će vas inspirirati da i vi odaberete nježne romantične komade za posebne proljetne prigode.

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Dress for the weather you want.

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??‍♀️? @shrimps

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#Naive is her best definition

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I like my dresses big ✨ @beigelabel

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It’s a girl thing ✨✨✨

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Many of you have asked how did I start, and what advice can I give to someone who is starting to become an influencer/blogger (btw I hate the word influencer). I started roughly 3 years ago, and I started posting random outfit pictures then made my account public and just kept posting. I still remember my first viral post (can’t seem to find it atm) was a black tee that said PAKISTAN and @pakistanstreetstyle reposted my picture. I woke up and noticed crazy amounts of notifications (literally gained 3-4K following that day), thank you @pakistanstreetstyle. After that, I didn’t want to lose my new followers so I kept posting more. I finally got a chance to work with a professional photographer and then started working with hijab brands. Seeing a small amount of love started making me think where is this road leading. I am thankful for my sisters and cousin who support me, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have even thought to want more. My only advice is stay truthful to yourself! You don’t have to change who you are for just a few likes and followers. I have noticed, people like it when you and your content are authentic. Also, keep in mind it doesn’t matter how many followers you have work will come. You can have 40k and still have triple the amount of work than suppose someone that had 150k. It’s all about how you market yourself. Like any business or salesperson, know what you are selling. ? @wildnyc

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All I did was to Rotate last night

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